Sign up for Craiceann 2024

The Craiceann Summerschool 2024 will take place from Monday 24th of June through Friday 28th of June 2024

The course fee is €350 for the five day course and the deposit is 150€.

Please fill out the form below with your details, please let us know how many years you are playing and rate yourself.
In case you want to make a reservation for more than one person, please fill out a single form for each person attending.
Then choose how you want to pay your deposit or the full course fee. Please note: Deposits are non-refundable.

You can either pay online via paypal using your credit card or your paypal acount (recommended) or send it by post (money order/eurocheque/cash) to
‘Craiceann’, Inis Oírr, Aran Islands, Co. Galway, Ireland.

The balance of the course fee is to be paid at registration on the first day of Craiceann.


During and post Covid the non-islander accommodation situation has changed somewhat, and has not yet settled back into its previous pattern. Because of this, each student must firstly ensure their chosen accommodation is confirmed BEFORE signing up for Craiceann.

Please refer to this page for a list of accommodation:

If there are any difficulties, please contact Micheál Ó hAlmhain on the island either by phone at +353 099 75067 or email at and he will assist in any way possible.


Self assessment - Description of levels

Beginners is for beginners, i.e. people who are picking up a bodhrán for the first time and for people who have owned a bodhrán for a long time but have never really played under instruction. We deal with the posture of the instrument, learn the playing technique from scratch and deal intensively with the rhythmic differences in Irish music (emphasis on reel and jig).

Student Characteristics

  • Absolute beginners
  • No drum experience whatsoever

Basic is for “experienced beginners” who already have basic knowledge and playing experience. We deepen the different playing techniques and focus on rhythmic security in the accompaniment of jigs, reels etc..
We also experiment with the sound variations of the bodhrán and bring the skin hand further into play.

Student Characteristics

  • Beginner level drummers
  • Little experience on the drum

Standards for This Level

  • Basic understanding of alternating strokes
  • Basic understanding of simple voicing patterns
  • Able to demonstrate an understanding of reel and jig patterns with difficulty
  • Unable to demonstrate proficiency in accompanying reels and jigs

Competent is for those who can at least accompany jigs and reels with confidence. We look at other, increasingly complex Irish rhythms and coordinate strumming and skin hand.

Student Characteristics

  • intermediate level drummer
  • moderate session experience
  • Maybe some prior instructional experience (i.e., workshops and/or private lessons)
  • Good understanding of reels and jigs

Standards for This Level

  • Able to demonstrate reels and jigs with decent feel and tempo
  • Demonstrates a sensitivity to the sections of a tune (i.e., variation between sections, “playing the tune,” sensitivity to the melody player’s changes in dynamics)
  • Adequate control over basic pitch changes of the drum
  • Uses a wider vocabulary of sounds when playing

Advanced is for people with a lot of experience and great skill on the bodhrán. We look at sound variations (melody, bass line), more complex grooves and may take a closer look at music from outside Ireland …

Student Characteristics

  • Student is competent in a session setting
  • Student may perform with his or her own ensemble
  • May have had numerous lesson and workshop experiences

Standards for This Level

  • Student must be able to demonstrate proficiency with:
    • Control of rhythm
    • Accents vs. unaccented noted in rhythms
    • Demonstrating a vocabulary of voicing beyond open, mute, and “pop”
    • Performing reels, jigs, polkas, and slipjigs with recorded music or a live musician
  • Student is adept with tipping and voicing skills
  • Student can tune his or her drum very quickly to an appropriate tuning
  • Student demonstrates proficiency with double ended triplets

In case you have any question concerning registration, feel free to contact us