The Classes

Classes are held each morning and afternoon, Monday to Friday in the island’s arts centre Aras Eanna.

Classes cater for all playing levels and we have a special stream for complete beginners who start to play on the island.

Students are separated into  different groups based on their playing ability.
Based on their self rating, and the need to have manageable class sizes, students will be allocated to a particular grouping with those of a similar standard and ability
Students will normally remain with that group for the week, although if either a student or a teacher feels an individual would be more suited to an easier or more challenging level, then movement to another group can be arranged if this is approved by the Craiceann Team.

Each learning group will be located in a separate room, and teachers will rotate through the groups. The beginners group will be taught by the same teacher for the first half of the week and then get exposure to the other teachers for the second half of the week. Pupils may like to bring a recording device, but will be expected to ask each tutors permission before using this during class. As well as the structured daily classes Monday thro’ Friday classes, on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings there will also be classes where each student can choose to attend the a particular tutor.  Some of these evening classes will have specific themes and others will be more free-form where topics can be decided by student/tutor agreement.